Day 1

Traditional Indian pre-wedding rituals [Casual Indian Outfit]

The bride and groom will be dressed in different traditional Indian garments specific to the  ceremonies.

For you, we would looove to see you all wearing your best Indian outfit but please do feel free to wear non-Indian if you prefer. As long it is bright and Indian-wedding style colorful. To get an idea of what the hell we’re even talking about scroll through the photos below for inspiration.

Or google “Lehengas” (Indian crop tops and skirts), “Salwar Kameez”, or “Churidaar” for women - and “Kurta“ or “Nehru coat” for men.

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Day 2

Day 2 Morning: Traditional Indian pre-wedding rituals [Casual Indian Outfit]

During this morning ceremony the bride and groom will be wearing very simple “Kurta” as they will be washed by their friends and family (see ritual explanation ‘Haldi’). You are free to wear your ‘simple Kurta or Salwar Kameez’, your Indian outfit from the night before, or whatever you feel comfortable in.  


Day 2 Late Afternoon: Indian Wedding Ceremony [Formal Indian Outfit]

Bride and groom will be wearing their luxury Indian prince/princess-like outfits as tradition prescribes.

However this is also your moment to shine. Like literally shine. Because if you go Indian for this one you will be able to wear your most extravagant outfit! Again we would love for you to wear Indian attire, but if you don’t feel comfortable then please wear something fancy with -again- bright colours (note: the bride has dibs on red, so no red for the ladies).

For inspiration scroll through the photo's below or google “Wedding Saree/Sari” or “Lehenga” for women. Men, this your chance to bring out the “Sherwani” or another fancy looking “Kurta”.  

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Day 3

European Wedding [Pastel]

The Bride and Groom will be dressed in traditional white wedding attire.

You all are invited to get your pastel colour palette going (tan, salmon, blush, lemon, peach etc. - though no white for obvious reasons)

Women: Pastel, cocktail attire.

Men: Pastel, Tenue de ville/summer suit with tie or no tie - wear as you wish.

For inspiration check out the photos below or google “I don’t know what pastel is”.

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