Visa Information

Most nationals do require a tourist visa for India! Luckily India recently started issuing e-Visa for tourists making matters easier, though the Indian Visa website can still be a bit of a challenge at times. You can apply yourself through: or pay a visa company an additional fee to do it for you. Whatever you do, apply for your visa on time! To make matters easier, apply for a tourist visa, not a 'family visit' visa. This will require addresses of family members. 



Most travelers require vaccinations when traveling to India. Check online or visit your GP at least 6-8 weeks before departure to make sure you are up to date with any vaccinations. Recommended vaccinations for travel to Udaipur and India generally are Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Typhoid.

Udaipur is a low risk area in India when it comes to malaria, so up to you if you prefer to take pills (we never do). Either way, do take precautions such as spraying insect repellent and wearing long sleeves in the evening.

And, as Oleg can attest, do yourself a favor and pack some ORS (oral rehydration solution), Norit, or your own personal favorite anti-diarrhea drug for the accidental Delhi-belly (Oleg recommends Tannacomp - thanks Fritz).  


Arrival information (airport transport)

We have arranged airport pick-up service for you to use. On our website under the tab "Pick Up Service" you can fill in your arrival details and choose your preferred car size and payment method. Alternatively, you can get a cab yourself at the airport to the Fateh Garh Hotel (Address: SISARMA, UDAIPUR - 313001). The drive from the airport to the hotel is approx. 45 minutes depending on traffic.


Speeches and MC’s

We have managed to blackmail our elder brothers Niels and Geet to coordinate any speeches/dances/acts/songs/poems/raps/rhymes/karaoke/magic tricks (no pressure...).

To keep it all short and sweet (for a three day wedding…), we will however put a limit on the number of acts. In case you feel compelled, please get in touch with our brothers at and, so they can see what they can fit in.

During our ‘European Wedding’, we will be married by our dear friend and Minister for the day, Geert Sillevis. In case you would like to share anything with Geert before he does so, please get in touch with him on  



First and foremost: the fact that you are travelling to Udaipur to be part of our wedding and share these unforgettable days with us is truly the best gift we could ever ask for.

If you however consider yourself such a ‘gifter’, can’t let this chance pass and insist on a wedding present, do remember that we will not have any space in our suitcases to bring back more stuff. So presents that can’t fit into an envelope can be sent to our home address in Amsterdam: Hasebroekstraat 16-1, 1053CT Amsterdam, NL



In case you require a babysitter during any of the ceremonies (which we encourage) this has been arranged. Please send an e-mail to the wedding planner at to express your wishes and ask for more information.


Post-Wedding Travel Tips

Around Udaipur: Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer

Beach lovers: Kerela, Goa, Sri Lanka, Pondicherry

Mountain lovers: Indian Himalayan Region: Ladakh (Leh), Darjeeling, Rohtang Pass, Shimla

Culture lovers: Mysore, Agra (Taj Mahal), Varanasi

Jungle lovers: Kibini, Bandipur

We suggest avoiding the big cities as they will be very busy. Keep in mind this time of year will be very warm for any extra activities that you plan.


Important contacts

Guest relations: our professional wedding planner team of Regal Weddings is always happy to answer any questions or inquiries before and during the wedding. E-mail: Tel: +91 9001992597

Other wedding related questions: Niels Büller and Geet Khosla and

Hotel: Fateh Garh. E-mail: Tel: +91-8696945109.  Address: SISARMA, UDAIPUR - 313001). Manager’s name: Anil Soni



Other insane people traveling to the land of India for a wedding:

Sangitha Khosla

Vir Mahadev Singh Khosla

Titia Coert

Hans Büller

Geet Khosla

Ane Cornelia

Nandita Khosla

Valentino Bajaj

Nike Büller

Martin Bosma

Aelys Bosma

Teije Bosma

Niels Büller

Shula Tas

Ailsa Jansen

Boudewijn Jansen

Ernst Rost Onnes

Claudia Sanua

Laurens Samsom

Nadia Amin 

Benno Nihom

Danielle Timmerman

Fritz Streiff

Teoman Celik

Teun Raymakers

Laura Sleurink

Karel Raymakers

David D Jong

John Appiah

Victoria Earl 

Thomas Baart

Salome de Graco

Aram Balian

Lisa Seibel

Tymon Kiepe

Sarah Gates

Coen Tegelberg

Geert Sillevis

Andrea Sindova

Ilinca Popescu

Saskia Nijstad

Angela Spadafora

Rob Spadafora

Sofia Spadafora

Sabrina Spadafora

Josi Boeijen

Rebecca van Enter

Emile Clous

Polina Burashnikova 

Rob Macdonald 

Emily McDonnell

Maja Malnar

Harmke Kruithof

Heike ten Den

Sophie Frenkel

Merit Bottse

Wessel de Heus

Louca van der Meer 

Leonard Hogerbrugge

Margreet Drijvers-Hogerbrugge 

Trijntje Hogerbrugge

Kerem Bakir-Layiç

Başak Bakir-Layiç

Smbat Khachaturian

Lydwien Toonstra

Anh Doan

Shae Morgan McTavish

Nani (Auntie)

Virender (Uncle)

Nitya (Cousin)

Vanya (Cousin) 

Tarani (Cousin) 

Tinkle (Auntie) 

Aarushri (Cousin) 

Zameer (Cousin)

Anu (Auntie)

Jogesh (Uncle) 

Sameer (Uncle)

Sashmita (Auntie) 

Shivali (Cousin)

Samart (Cousin)

Sonu (Auntie) 

Sharun (Cousin)

Amrit (Cousin) 

Bhupesh (Uncle) 

+ a few dozen extra Indian friends and family..